How it started

Hi and welcome to my blog on Linux, tips, tricks and how-to’s.

I started this blog because i wanted a place to store my encounters, challenges and interactions with both computer systems and carbon-based lifeforms.

It helps me to think and structure, solving problems for my customers and students and hopefully help you as reader in your work or hobby while working in (complex) IT infrastructures that contain (amongs other) Linux.

My focus is on Enterprise Linux, so Red Hat, CentOS, Scientific Linux, Oracle Linux and such. Most of this will work with other distros as well, when i find the time i will point out the differences.

My first series of blogs will be about the Learn-smarter-Online Reference Architecture (LORA) based entirely on Linux basic components. From there i will venture into swapping components for more fancy or better suited parts. The goal of this serie is not to have the Learn-smarter-Online Reference Architecture live buzzing somewhere in a datacenter. The journey of building, improving and thereby learing, thats the true goal. It is however entirely possible that LORA is usefull for you in parts or in total. If so, please let me know, what worked, what didn’t work and how you improved LORA to make it work for your situation. LORA will be released under an appropriate OpenSource licensing scheme.